Brick-lined oven

Tellisvoodriga ahi_kaanepilt

Brick-lined oven

General information

Exterior finishing materialFull brick FTT / 250 x 85 x 65 mm
HearthWolfchörer Towerke šamott (Austria)
Height of the  hearth400 mm
Heightfrom 2100 mm
Width960 mm
Depth865 mm
Masslining ~1000 kg + large contents 1200 kg
Pricefrom 4300 €*

* The price includes the oven door, soot and ash doors. The price depends on the complexity and finish of the installation.


Additional information

Telliskorstna minimaalne suurus 140 x 140 mm, the minimum height is 4 m.

Installation & transportation

FREE installation and transportation!

LHV hire-purchase

We also offer the possibility to use the LHV hire-purchase solution, which you can learn more about HERE.


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