October 15, 2020

Why should You buy a modulating furnace?

Modulating furnaces have started to gain popularity. Of course, there is good reason for this, the good look of a fireplace is no longer enough, customers also desire practicality – meaning that the fireplace would be of use heating the home. Here we have highlighted the reasons for why you should also buy a modulating furnace for your home or replace an existing fireplace.



The most important aspect when purchasing a modulating furnace is the fact that the fireplace will never leave you with a cold nose or chilly toes. With just 1 heating session, it is possible to keep the room warm and pleasant for 24 hours! Hereby we emphasize that 1 heating session means that on average 5-10 logs are used.



Modulating furnaces are environmentally friendly and we work every day to make our fireplaces even cleaner. Psst! Exciting news are coming soon when we are talking about purity and environment.



Modulating furnaces have not been just heat sources for a long time now, modulating furnaces can also be perfectly used for cooking. Oven dishes, potatoes, pies – the list is long. You have to heat the fireplaces just once and the food can be prepared while the coals are smouldering. Place a cast iron or clay container on the fire and the food will be ready in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the recipe. You can find a wonderful recipe for making baked potatoes here.



Using a modulating furnace allows to save on heating bills. If the house already feels chilly and humid in early autumn, then it is not necessary to use the main heating source (geothermal heating, gas heating, central heating, pellet boiler, air heat pump, etc.), instead a modulating furnace can also be used to offer cosiness and a pleasant warm climate. This saves money because electricity and gas are not consumed, but the room is warm.



Anyone who has kept an eye on our social media channels has seen how many fireplaces with different designs are available, these fireplaces are also great home-furnishing elements during the off-season. Yes, it does not make sense to buy a fireplace only as a home furnishing element. At the same time, gold spoons are also bought to just be put on display, so perhaps this too makes sense?
It is up for everyone to decide for themselves.

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