Modulating furnaces


ECO furnace

A new generation fireplace, where environmental friendliness, design and even cleaner air meet each other.

Price from 6290 €

Moodulahi Paula


Paula offers heat even on the coldest days and creates a homely feeling for a lifetime.

Price from 5100 €

Moodulahi Mann


Mann is a white beauty with an oven window large enough to warm the hearts of the whole family on a cold night.

Price from 4260 €



Mats keeps you warm on a cold winter day, makes your surroundings beautiful during summer, and creates a feeling of cosiness for life.

Price from 5580 €



Baruto has enough power to heat at least a five-story building.

Price from 5480 €

Pliit Ants

Stove Ants

Ants is our powerful stove that can bake Ahja cheese for the whole of Estonia!

Price from 4060 €

Moodulahi Tanel


Tanel is not intimidated by a major thunderstorm, -30 degrees or a power outage.

Price from 4770 €

Moodulahi Anneli


Anneli – a snow-white beauty whose “heart-window” has so much heat that it can melt even the strongest man’s heart.

Price from 4770 €

Moodulahi Johannes


Johannes is the one you can always trust – he is an irreplaceable person in your home!

Price from 5100 €

Moodulahi Juku


Juku is a tough guy from Ahja. You can rely on him even on the coldest day!

Price from 4260 €

Moodulahi Karl


Karl is not afraid of a new style, so you can design him as you wish.

Price from 5100 €

Mats küpsetusahjuga

Mats with a baking oven

Mats, who besides his main job, which is heating, bakes bread as a hobby.

Price from 6090 €

Additional accessories

Furnace doors

Bread oven doors

Soot and ash hatches