ECO oven


ECO oven

General information

Finishing Unfinished, plastered or tiled
Height from 2100 mm
Width 870 mm
Depth 1050 mm
Mass 2700 kg
Hearth 550 x 390 x 540 mm
Heating up to 90-100 m²
Heat storage capacity 12-24 h (20 kg logs)
Price from 6190 €*

* The price includes the oven door, soot and ash doors. The price depends on the complexity and finish of the installation.

What is an ECO oven?

ECO oven is a new generation oven, where the air needed for combustion is directed to the hearth through slots in the back of the wall and on the sides of the hearth. This type of distribution of air in the hearth ensures the mixing or turbulence of the gases released from the wood during combustion. This ensures a significantly cleaner combustion process under a higher temperature and with the amount of energy obtained from the wood being significantly higher. This also results in a significantly higher efficiency of a hearth of this type.

To achieve even better combustion, the oven blocks are made of a special material with excellent heat storage properties and sufficient insulation properties to ensure a rapid increase in the combustion temperature of the oven. The relative density of the material is 2000 kg/m3. Additionally, a material with a high temperature resistance (1260°C) is used in the ceiling of the oven, i.e. a mirror on the ceiling of the oven with a relative density of 300 kg/m3. This material ensures a rapid rise in the temperature of the hearth and “reflects” heat back to the oven; thus it creates a high combustion temperature.

This oven has been completed as a collaboration:

  • “Ecokolle” developed by OÜ Tuli ja Suits
  • Tested with researchers of the laboratory boiler of the Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Tested at the Environmental Research Centre
Why choose an ECO oven?
  • Possibility to cook food
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective – 1 time heating – 24 hours of heat

Additional information

The minimum internal diameter of a modulating chimney is 160 mm, the minimum height is 4 m.



You can see ECO in the showroom in Ahja.


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