Moodulahi Karl


General information

Finishing Unfinished, plastered or tiled
Height from 1900 mm
Width 1040 mm
Depth 670 mm
Mass 2200 kg
Heating up to 70 m²
Heat storage capacity 12-24 h (18 kg logs)
Chimney Temperature Class T400
Efficiency 85%
Maximum Amount of Wood 18 kg (6kg + 3x 4 kg)
Oven Energy Storage Amount 61,4 kWh
Thermal Nominal Output Power 2,6 kW 24h
Heat Storage Capacity
  • 100% – 7h
  • 50% – 18h
  • 25% – 28h
Price from 5100 €*

Warranty – 2 years for the hearth, 5 years for the oven.
* The price includes the oven door (Tapani Puosi LL-20S), soot and ash doors. The price depends on the complexity and finish of the installation.

The oven complies with the EVS-EN15250 standard.


Additional information

The minimum internal diameter of a modulating chimney is 160 mm, the minimum height is 4 m.


FREE installation!

Length of the firewood

30-40cm. It’s convenient to heat with firewood up to 35 cm. Upright or at a slight angle with firewood up to 40 cm.



You can see Karl in showrooms in Ahja and Tallinn.

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