Ahi kahe seina vahele

June 2, 2020

Furnace between two walls?

But of course, because if it is possible to heat more than two rooms at the same time, it is simply ideal. This way you can ensure that different rooms also have different furnace finishes – blue for boys, pink for girls and white for the living room.

When it is time for construction, the customer must ensure that the necessary opening can be made in the wall to be used for the furnace, this opening should be at least 3 cm larger than the dimensions of the furnace and the chimney may be up to 3 metres away from the furnace.

There are also a lot of questions about the price and installation time, do those change when the furnace is inside the wall? No is the answer in both cases – the location of the furnace does not change the price and the furnace can be installed in a maximum of two days (the time may vary in more complex cases, but usually it takes two days to set up!)

Finally, here are the 3 main advantages of a furnace built into the wall:

  • The furnace can be used as a room divider, for example to separate the living room from the kitchen.
  • Several rooms are heated at once.
  • It is possible to heat an entire apartment or house with just one furnace – of course, it also depends on the size and insulation of the rooms.

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