Every oven needs its own logs – but which kind?

September 19, 2019

Every furnace needs its own log – but which one?

Here are some of the most popular and loved firewood that Estonians prefer to use to heat up their furnaces.

  • Spruce – Burns well and gives warmth quickly, suitable for starting a fire or a stove. The calorific heating value is low, does not leave much coal. Suitable for closed fireplace.
  • Pine – The calorific value is good, but it is almost impossible to burn raw trees. Gives a large and bright flame. During frequent heating with pine, the chimney, furnace and chimney flue should be cleaned more often, because of the large amount of soot. Suitable for closed fireplace.
  • Ash – Gives a nice even flame, suitable for a fireplace. Demanding and fast growing in terms of conditions.
  • Gray alder or white alder – Very common in Estonia, fast-growing, gives invaluable flavor and shine in the smoker. Suitable for any furnace, including smoker.

Source: OÜ Viru Halud website.

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