September 19, 2019

Why should You choose a modulating furnace?

Modulating furnace is made of durable croval aggregate, if to compare with fireplace. This material has a high heat storage capacity due to its high specific gravity. The modulating furnace gives out the heat evenly, pleasantly and for a long time.

As can be seen above, we have created a table to show the difference between the modulating furnace and a fireplace.

For designing you can use:

  • plaster;
  • granite;
  • natural stones;
  • decorative stones;
  • ceramic and clinker tiles;
  • different doors;
  • soot and ash hatch.

Ahja modulating furnace gives you the freedom to create your own dream oven.

Good features of Ahja products:

  • Furnaces are from croval material, which has a high heat storage capacity.
  • Furnaces consume firewood more efficiently, resulting in less pollution.
  • Ahja furnace burning system is designed to burn at a much higher temperature than conventional furnaces.


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